Friday, December 11, 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009


It's cold, dark, and a bit depressing here in MI and apparently I don't have anything good to take pictures of. This is from a week ago when we took care of the Schaefer's dogs for a night. Sasha looks like a cartoon and Bordeaux just looks completely psycho. I seriously can't stop laughing when I see this.

Friday, December 05, 2008

An Update/ Una Actualiza

It's time for a random update about my life. Everything is going really well. I'm done with my exams on Thursday, and I can't wait. I am so ready to have a little time to organize things around the house, train the puppy, and hopefully paint a few canvases that I have been wanting to get at but haven't had time for. I am planning on finishing out the rest of this year at LCC, and then going to MSU for ESL, Spanish, and a teaching certificate. I applied to MSU in September and should hopefully hear back from them soon. Keith and I have been married for three months now and we are loving every single bit of it. We are in love with our little puppy also, but we wish she would just tell us when she has to go outside instead of pooping right in front of the door. She is getting much better though, she is learning very quickly.

Keith and I are now helping out with Riv Kids large group once a month, and it has been a lot of fun. It's kind of embarrassing when there are other adults in the room that we know, because we are being as cheesy as we can possibly be to keep the kid's attention.

In one week I will have been home from Costa Rica for one year. Its crazy to me that it has already been a year! All of the experiences are so fresh in my mind still. Keith and I are planning a trip in either August or December of next year. I cant wait to show him all around and let him in to my experience that so greatly shaped who I am. It is going to be impossible to show him everything that I want to show him in a week. I for sure want to teach him how to surf though. Ok, that's about as random as a post can get, but that's all I have for now. ¡Tengan buen día!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


My Halloween costume was ridiculous:

I was the "Crazy McCain Rally Lady" from the SNL spoof:

Bordeaux, our new puppy

Keith and I bought a puppy on Monday. We wanted a dog that would not shed, but would still be big, so we got a Labradoodle. She is a 9 week old female and she is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is named Bordeaux, after the French city.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bethany Hamilton Story

This is an amazing story about an 18 year old surfer from Hawaii who lost her left arm in a shark attack when she was 13 but still returned to surfing. It seems virtually impossible to me that someone would be able to stand up on a surf board with one arm. Let alone to paddle hard enough to catch a wave. Its hard enough with two arms! This is an unbelievable story, check it out:

"On October 31, 2003, Hamilton went for a morning surf along Tunnels Beach, Kauai with friends Alana, Byron and Holt Blanchard. Around 7:30 a.m., she was lying sideways on her surfboard with her left arm dangling in the water, when a 14 ft tiger shark attacked her, ripping her left arm off just below the shoulder. If the shark had bitten 2 inches further in, the attack would have been fatal. Bethany had lost 60% of her blood that morning. Her friends helped paddle her back to shore, and fashioned a tourniquet out of a surfboard leash around what was left of her arm before rushing her to Wilcox Memorial Hospital. Her dad was supposed to have a knee surgery that morning but she took his place in the operating room.
Despite the trauma of the incident, Hamilton was determined to return to surfing. Three weeks after the incident, she returned to her board and went surfing again. Initially, she adopted a custom-made board that was longer and slightly thicker which made it easier to paddle. She has observed that she has to kick a lot more to make up for the loss of her left arm. After teaching herself to surf with one arm, she has again begun surfing competitively. She is now back to using competitive performance short-boards again.

In July 2004 Hamilton won the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete of the Year. She was presented with a special courage award at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards.

In 2005, with one arm, Bethany took 1st place in the NSSA National Championships, a goal she had been trying to achieve since before the shark attack. In 2008, she began competing full-time on the ASP World Qualifying Series. In her first competition against many of the world's best women surfers, she came in 3rd.

Hamilton is also a devout Christian who uses her shark attack experience in her personal ministry."

Here is a clip from the documentary about her:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feist and Canada

My wonderful husband bought us tickets to see Feist this weekend for my birthday present. So we are headed to London, Canada tomorrow for what should be an amazing show. Feist is awesome, she is one of my favorites right now. You have to check her out if you haven't already:

¡Congrats to Brett and Kelli!

I am so happy for you guys!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thoughts of a 3 year old

"This apple is good, it takes like dragonflies. Dragonflies taste like butter, and that tastes like me."
-Isaac Odom

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Its been awhile since I have been on here, but this blog is in desperate need of an update on my life. If you are reading this blog, I am pretty sure you already know... The wedding was a blast! Everyone involved was such a huge help and did a great job. Especially Tricia with the cakes!

...and we are absolutely loving being married.

We went to my parent's cabin in Kentucky and spent a week secluded from the world. It was so relaxing and calming after a crazy few months. Throwing a wedding together in only about 2 months is quite a task! I have been really busy since we got back from Kentucky because I had to miss a whole week of school. I have been playing catch up with homework and at the same time trying to move my stuff in to our house. Hopefully life will settle down a bit now, things have been crazy. It was such an amazing experience but I am glad its over so I can breath. We have really missed out on a lot of time hanging out with our freinds the past few months with so much stuff to do. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal now.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Una mezcla de emoción.

Today I had a really big wave of missing Costa Rica and everyone that I love there. It made me really sad, I wish that Carlitos was on skype so I could talk to him. I feel so blessed for the friends and family I have at home, but I miss these things:

Siempre un parte de mi corazón se quedará en Costa Rica.